"...an unforgettable night of theater."

About the Piece

#We Too....  The Trauma Brain Project is a unique theatrical narrative that brings together three powerful communities — the Theater World, the practice of Body-Centered Therapy and the Neurology/Medical fields — in a joint effort to raise awareness, break the silence and give voice to the often voiceless women and girls who are dealing with the hidden effects of trauma.

"The Trauma Brain Project is a catalyst for change..."
(Dr. Marie Collier, Epileptologist)


Utilizing three powerful actresses, the piece is a creative exploration of  PTSD resulting from childhood sexual abuse, and the myriad ways in which its symptoms present — symptoms that are too often unacknowledged, misunderstood, misdiagnosed; it explores how early trauma rewires the brain and impacts the body in ways that we are only just beginning to understand.


Written and conceived by Dayle Ann Hunt and directed by Diaan Ainslee, The Trauma Brain Project shares one woman's experience — a decades-long journey through three different stages of life — of childhood seizures, inexplicable physical symptoms, hidden trauma, PTSD and ultimate healing through somatic trauma release work.

“...spectacular and powerful... skillful and thoughtful execution of
such sensitive content. I was riveted from start to end.” 
(Sylvia Corcoran, LCSW, MCEd)


The theatrical presentation is followed by discussion with a panel of experts composed of neurologists, somatic therapists and other trauma experts, and is designed to leave the audience with information, tangible resources and a heightened awareness of the need for all of us to be speaking out.

                         "A deeply moving experience...."

Originally created as an educational tool for the medical community, the hope is that this unique theatrical piece might also help others to connect with their own unacknowledged stories, and maybe provide a context for more open discussion about this important issue.  There are so many of us....

"So many things I would have done, but clouds got in my way..."
(Joni Mitchell)